Closing Deal Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

Our lawyers want to get this process accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing anything on your behalf. Trust us at Francis Lawyers to protect you from complications and delays by:

  • Explaining all aspects of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This includes the sale prices, timelines of the transactions, and all conditions that must be met

  • Helping you to understand your duties as a seller

  • Answering any questions that you might have

  • Conducting necessary searches

  • Explaining all fees and extra costs that impact your sale

  • Preparing all statements

  • Reviewing closing documents with you

  • Making sure that you receive your funds

  • Contacting your mortgagee to obtain your discharge statement and pay any outstanding balance

  • Paying out additional costs, including closing costs and real estate commissions

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While our lawyers will do everything that they can to help you during this time, there are several duties that need to be met by you as well. In order to help us to facilitate the most efficient sale of your home, we will need you to:

  • Provide a copy of any existing land survey, the details of your mortgage, and a statement showing how much you have paid in taxes

  • Contact your utility suppliers and advise them of your closing date

  • Maintain insurance on the home until closing

  • Make your property available for any required inspection

  • Provide us with the keys prior to closing