Domestic & International Arbitration Services in Ottawa, Ontario

Resolve Your Ontario Disputes Efficiently and Effectively 

Arbitration offers a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional litigation for resolving disputes in Ontario. Francis Lawyers specializes in representing clients in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings, providing expert guidance and advocacy to achieve favorable resolutions while minimizing disruptions. 

Our arbitration team has extensive experience navigating the complexities of arbitration proceedings and is committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives through effective dispute resolution strategies. Whether you're facing a commercial dispute, construction disagreement, or international trade conflict, you can rely on Francis Lawyers to provide efficient and effective legal representation to protect your interests and achieve your goals. 

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Whether you need an arbitration agreement drafted, or you already have one in your contract and are now facing a dispute, our lawyers can help.

Our services include:

  • Representing you in a domestic arbitration

  • Representing you in an international arbitration

  • Gearing an arbitration agreement to your needs 

  • Advising on jurisdiction, rules, and legislation pertaining to your arbitration