Separation Agreement Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

The ending of a relationship, whether marriage or common law, is filled with details and emotion. A practical method to deal with these issues is through a separation agreement in Ottawa.

This document will detail each party’s responsibilities with respect to the property, parental relationships, and support payments, among other points.

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Through negotiation and mediation, the parties can come to a satisfactory arrangement without the need for a protracted court proceeding. A separation agreement in Ottawa will usually cover essential issues, and for the parties involved, especially children, it can mean stability, predictability, and ongoing flexibility.

A negotiated agreement saves time and money for all concerned. In some cases, the separating parties agree between themselves before consulting Ottawa divorce lawyers. In other cases, it requires counseling and mediation to reach an agreement. In any case, both parties need to realize that a solution will only be possible through compromise. Legal counsel will be able to make recommendations about professionals or to help negotiate sticking points.

A valid separation agreement in Ottawa will mean that both parties understand the agreed terms and any consequences that may occur if the agreement is not followed. A separation agreement is a legally binding document that sets out the parties intent and all the items in contention. Because it is a legal agreement, it is always best for the parties to hire family lawyers for representation.

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Another major issue can be full financial disclosure. If the Court finds that one or both parties did not fully inform the other of their financial situation, the Court may set aside the separation agreement. This disclosure involves tax documents, asset statements, list of liabilities from the date of the marriage or partnership until the date of separation.


Going to trial means significant expenses. In addition to the lawyer’s fees, there are also court costs. Because the courts are so overwhelmed, getting a court date can take quite some time. There is also the value of your time.

Operating through a separation agreement involves less lawyer's fees and there are no lengthy wait for a court date or its costs. Separation agreements are as valid as a court order. The only difference is that both parties agree between themselves about the disposition of property, any support payments, and how the children will be affected.

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