Real Estate Litigation Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

Protect Your Ontario Investments with Vigorous Legal Advocacy 

Disputes can arise unexpectedly in the course of both residential and commercial real estate transactions in Ontario, threatening your financial investments and business interests. Francis Lawyers specializes in providing legal representation to protect your rights and achieve favorable outcomes, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. 

Our skilled litigators have a proven track record of success in handling a wide range of disputes, including breach of contract claims, property disputes, and commercial lease disagreements. We understand the complexities of Ontario's legal system and are committed to advocating fiercely on behalf of our clients to safeguard their investments and achieve the best possible results. When it comes to protecting your Ontario investments, trust Francis Lawyers to fight tirelessly on your behalf. 

Strategic Legal Help

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Whether you are a seller or a buyer, our lawyers can help you with your real estate dispute, including disputes concerning:

  • Deposits

  • Defects

  • Failure to close

  • Tenants refusing to vacate

  • Home inspections

  • Delays

  • Disputes with your real estate representative

  • Other disputes arising from an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

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