Construction Litigation Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario

Construction Litigation Services in Ottawa

Because it involves so many disciplines and stakeholders, the construction business is quite complex. When interests begin to conflict, it is time for legal intervention in the form of dispute resolution, arbitration or litigation in order that the project be completed within the framework of the contract.

At Francis Lawyers we provide services to those involved in construction disputes, including:

  • Bidders

  • Condominium Boards

  • Contractors

  • Construction Managers

  • Developers

  • Designers, Architects, and Engineers

  • Equity Investors and Equity Lenders

  • Investors, Lenders, and Bondholders

  • Insureds, Insurance Brokers, and Insurers / Underwriters

  • Lenders and Borrowers

  • Managers and Employees

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Mortgagees and Mortgagors

  • Purchasers, Tenants, and Interim Occupants

  • Private and Institutional Lenders

  • Project Managers

  • Subcontractors

  • Syndicated Lenders

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Construction disputes arise over a variety of issues, including:

  • Common Construction Disputes

  • Bidding, Tendering, and Procurement

  • Broker Commission Disputes

  • Condo Construction Disputes

  • Contractual, partnership, and joint venture disputes between stakeholders

  • Construction Lien and Trust claims

  • Construction Loan Litigation

  • Construction Fraud – Schemes, False Invoices, Inflated Invoices, or Fictitious Supplies

  • Construction Management Agreement Disputes
    Disputes relating to procurement, bidding, and tenders

  • Disputes with purchasers and pre-construction purchasers regarding delays or changes to the project, including claims for extras and variations

  • Employment and contractor disputes, including construction lien claims and project management disputes

  • Environmental compliance

  • Financing disputes with lenders, both institutional and private

  • Lending and Borrowing Litigation

  • Project Finance Litigation

  • Project Litigation – Project Development Disputes and Project Finance Disputes

  • Project Management Agreement Disputes

  • Regulatory and municipal law compliance

  • Termination, Cancellation, Force Majeure Suspension of Contracts

 If you are seeking legal representation, please contact Francis Lawyers for an appointment to discuss the issues and how we are able to help.