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Don’t Fight a Parenting Dispute Battle Alone

One of the most tragic portions of a marital relationship breakdown is the effect it has on children.

Children can often be used as tools against their former partner. It is important to recognize that children have the rights to be respected and protected.

The law holds both parties responsible for the well-being of the child. However, it is sometimes necessary to seek legal counsel from an experienced family lawyer to reach a reasonable separation agreement in Ottawa while protecting the child. These situations can escalate quickly and without warning. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge required to focus on the issues of the case and provide the best advice and representation possible.

A good lawyer will help resolve the issues as amicably as possible while ensuring that legal documents are properly drafted.

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Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

Sometimes, parents mistakenly think they can work through all the details of a child custody situation by themselves. Suddenly, they find the complexities overwhelming and realize they are out of their element and need help.

At Francis Lawyers, we have an affinity for child custody cases, helping resolve issues, and helping the parents and children adjust to difficult situations. We can wade through complicated court documents so that you can focus on the emotional and physical needs of your child. Our lawyers will be happy to discuss the specifics of your case and help resolve issues to the benefit of all parties.

How Does a Family Lawyer Help?

Family law cases are delicate and take much patience and tact to arrive at the best solution for all parties. Our qualified lawyers can work to prevent unwanted escalation. Additionally, they will deal with the paperwork and prompt filing to avoid confrontations. That means the parent can focus on the child, work, and maintain a stable environment and relationship.

Dealing with family disputes means extensive paperwork, deadlines, and procedures. Ontario family laws set out in detail how you can provide the best living arrangement for the child. The language must be direct and explicit. Our lawyers are skilled and experienced in drafting and filing the proper documents to advocate on your behalf. You can rely on our knowledge and skills to represent your case. Our lawyers will work with you to prepare and gather all the documentation necessary for your case.

Selecting your family lawyer should be a careful choice. You are asking someone to represent your interests as well as that of your child. You should make your decision carefully to get the best results. Francis Lawyers has an outstanding reputation in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. They are known for their tenacity and ethical dealings. They are passionate about resolving parenting disputes in the best interests of the children.