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Not all lawyers practise family law. With some research, you will find that the Ottawa divorce lawyers at Francis Lawyers have considerable experience. At Francis Lawyers, we treat each client as an individual. That is why we tailor each approach to the circumstances of the case at hand.

Francis Lawyers employs lawyers in Ottawa and professionals with experience and knowledge of other areas of the law. That means we can assist with wills and estate, real estate, or business issues that arise upon separation.

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Expert Divorce Lawyers in Ottawa

Divorce Agreements

When children are involved, the decisions made during a divorce or separation have a more significant impact. In those cases, you must consult a qualified family lawyer, also known as a divorce lawyer, to advise you on the best options for you and your family.

Contested and Uncontested Divorces

It is a misconception that because the parties are divorcing amicably, there is no need to retain a lawyer.

Not all divorces are simple. Many couples have difficulties with separation agreements in Ottawa when it comes to agreeing on dividing assets, among other issues. It can become even more complex if there is a joint business or family business at play. That is a perfect reason to hire a family lawyer to offer a peaceful and reasonable solution to any sticking points and ensure that everyone has received fair treatment. Our Ottawa divorce lawyers will offer straightforward advice, provide attention, and offer suggestions for support. All of this means a less upsetting divorce process.

At Francis Lawyers, we have the years of experience necessary to resolve both uncontested and contested separations effectively and efficiently. We can provide representation in mediation or litigation.

Our lawyers keep current on all laws and resources.

If you are contemplating a separation, contact us to arrange a consultation. We can provide the necessary advice and recommendations regardless of the circumstances. We work with individuals and families during these most stressful times, so that support is given to navigate complex situations.