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Parenting Disputes

Children are often caught in the middle during a separation or divorce. When there is conflict over decision-making responsibility and parenting time, it becomes even more difficult. Our family lawyers at Francis Lawyers can help you with a separation agreement in Ottawa to ensure you and your children will go through this process as trouble-free as possible.

A family lawyer understands that both parties are responsible for the safety, well-being, and care of the child. That lawyer is usually instrumental in reaching an agreement between the parents to be sure the child’s rights are protected.

Parenting issues can escalate without warning. This is traumatic for the child and distressing for the parents. A good family law lawyer will be able to facilitate the best resolution.

It is almost always best for the parents to negotiate and agree to a satisfactory parenting agreement without resorting to a contentious and often prolonged court battle. Our skilled negotiators will be available to our clients to help resolve decision-making responsibility and parenting time issues between the parties through lawyer-directed mediation. An agreement can also help avoid future difficulties and provide for the protection of the children.

Family Lawyers in Ottawa

It’s seldom a good idea when a parent decides to represent themselves in a parenting dispute. The better option is to hire a lawyer experienced in parenting issues.

At Francis Lawyers, we are skilled in helping people with individual or ongoing decision-making responsibility and parenting time issues. We are able to analyze complex documents and information with a clear and objective perspective. We always advocate for our clients with the ultimate goal of the best interests of the child. We can understand and interpret Canadian family laws and represent you in court proceedings.

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Family Lawyer and Parenting Disputes

Through a good understanding of the law and the implications of present and future decisions regarding the welfare of children, a family lawyer offers the unique ability to remain calm even if situations and emotions escalate. Our lawyers can efficiently manage paperwork, court motions, and Ontario family laws to help you focus on your relationship with the child, your employment, and your well-being.

When you begin to file for sole or shared decision making responsibility, the Court requires several documents. These show how you can provide a stable, loving home and environment for the children.

If these documents are not drafted appropriately, the Court may not appreciate your position. That is a primary reason to hire a family lawyer to work on your case.

At Francis Lawyers, we have extensive experience preparing the required documents and navigating the paperwork involved in a parenting dispute. Some of these documents include:

  • The Application

  • Financial Statements

  • Case and Settlement Conference Briefs

  • Motions

  • Affidavits

We are Ottawa divorce lawyers providing legal representation in family law and we understand the tenacity and strategies involved in such a delicate matter. We are here to help you with your family disputes.