We have worked with Francis Lawyers for over 25 years and have to say we are satisfied with what is delivered. They have a team of lawyers for all ranges of professional legal work and are great in all areas from creating contracts, to purchasing or selling of commercial and residential real-estate as well as creating wills and estate planning. A legal team that caters for all your needs and advises you the right way.


Paul Francis took excellent care of me in a very scary situation. I had been very ill, not able to work and nearly lost my house due to the time it took to get well. He was very professional and gave me a hand up. Not many lawyers are up to his and his company’s standards. He does everything well and with an old world style and accuracy, with superior attention to detail. He really saved me by going over and above. He himself went to the bank to save me hundreds in fees, that he wanted to help me to avoid paying. The team members work like a well oiled machine, showing compassion, professionalism, warmth, and understanding. Paul and his family and staff are first rate. I have had the pleasure of using Paul Francis Lawyers services and I would refer this Law Office without hesitation and with respect and gratitude.


We were fortunate enough to be referred to the firm by our realtor and were directed to Associate Baljinder (Bally) Basi. Bally was kind, sweet, courteous, and professional in walking us through the biggest transaction of our life. The fees were extremely reasonable and Bally was able to reassure us that all was going well throughout the process, even though we were probably the most paranoid, nervous, anxious clients she's ever had! She always took the time to answer all our emails and ensured our very tight timeline was met.

Thank you so much, Bally, for helping us make our dream come true.

I 100% recommend Bally if you're looking for a lawyer to help you through a home purchase!


Honestly hands down the best law firm you could ever find. They are professional, respond to your calls and emails quickly, and keep you informed every step of the way. The managing partner, Farhad Mehr, paired me up with an amazing solicitor, Bally. Thanks to her and her team (Sue and Caitlynne), we were able to close on our house on time even when it came down to the wire: they pulled it off (4 55PM on Friday!!). I will recommend/refer Bally and this law firm any chance I get to my colleagues, friends and family as I know they will be in good, trust worthy hands :)


I was referred to Bally at Francis Lawyers from a co-worker. I was extemely happy with Bally. Bally was so professional, patient and excellent to work with, Bally helped me through a stressful and complicated closing. I can't thank you enough for your help Bally. She is a wonderful person and great asset to Francis Lawyers.


Kateri and the firm was great. They helped us close the deal on time and buy our house after the seller's lawyer made a mistake. They were also great at helping us navigate last minute (day of closing) paperwork that our bank sprung.


We were refered to Associate Baljinder (Bally) Basi by our Mortgage broker.

Bally was kind, courteous, and professional in walking us through the process. She was quick in answering our question and addressed our concerns in very professional manner.

Thank you so much, Bally, for helping us.I 100% recommend Bally if you're looking for a lawyer to help you through a home purchase!


Francis lawyers has been our corporate lawyer for many years. They are most professional and courteous. I highly recommend for companies and individuals. Farhad Mehr has been our direct lawyer and he is simply the best !


Sarah helped me with my home sale and another home purchase. She was professional throughout and helpful. I would recommend her.


I was very well taken care of by this firm, there was never any doubt in my mind that I made the right choice by hiring them. Will do business again.


My company was incorporated promptly and my share structure was tailored to my tax needs. Thank you Farhad Mehr for the great work! I appreciated the care you gave to my file.


My personal experience with Mr. Paul Francis has been great. He handled the sale of our commercial property in a courteous and professional manner. He also accommodate some non standard request both myself and the buyer made. Overall a great and professional service I strongly recommend Francis Mehr LLP.


Francis Lawyers receives the best review from both my daughter and myself. We just closed on buying a new home a few hours ago. Marie Francis is awesome. She explains every detail for you. So friendly and knowledgeable. And Sue Hillsdon is a miracle worker. She worked so hard to have everything completed on time. Even though everybody is wearing a mask you can clearly see in her eyes that she is smiling behind the mask. The entire team is great. Do not hesitate to have this group represent you. You can't do wrong with them.
We appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank You Everybody!!!


I worked with Bally for two real-estate transactions and her service was outstanding. She was always helpful and immediately responsive to questions. Front-end staff were very friendly. Would happily use this firm in the future.


Being a first-time homebuyer can be scary, perhaps even more during the pandemic, with all the delays and supply chain issues. Thankfully we were paired with Bally, who along with her team, reassured and guided us through the entire process. The closing came down to the wire! but they were able to pull. Thank you very much for all the hard work. 100% recommended.


The Law firm Francis Lawyers and Joy Tian have provided great, courteous and timely service in helping me with my matter. It was my first time dealing with a law firm (outside of buying a house) and was a very pleasant experience. Joy has helped to resolve the matter to my satisfaction. She was available for help anytime and very responsive and understanding of the issues at stake. She thoroughly studied the case, aware of the details and provided proper advice along the way until the end. Based on my experience, I will not I will not hesitate to recommend Joy and her firm to anyone. Thank you.


I am extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided by Farhad and Joy. Farhad is an excellent and skilled litigator, who was always on point and prepared for the worst and unexpected situations. Joy makes an excellent addition to the team who was very responsive and organized. I truly felt that they had my interests at heart and together they ensured that justice was brought. I appreciated their patience and professionalism in preparing me for my trial. I highly recommend the team and wish I had met the two of them from the onset.


I have no doubt in my mind that this firm is the best Ottawa region. Indeed, the lawyers and mainly Mr. Farhad Mehr helped me settle my case successfully! They took the time to listen to what I had to say and to comprehend my needs.
If you have any questions in regards to civil liability, real estate or family do not hesitate to contact them!


Bally will go above and beyond for you. Highly recommend as she is understanding, professional and makes you feel comfortable. I need assistance again and Bally was quick to respond, and help.