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General Counsel

The role of a General Counsel is to provide legal advice to a company. Many companies have in-house counsel, but for the vast majority of businesses, they simply use the services of a law firm skilled in general business law.

General Counsel Services can incorporate:

  • Leases

  • Employee issues

  • Independent contractors

For start-up operations, there can be lots of questions; and for small businesses, there are different issues that seem to crop up all the time. You want to have the right information to avoid greater problems and to have the judgment on hand for recurrent issues.

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When shopping for a General Counsel, select a firm with proven experience in corporate and business law. A huge plus is when the firm has lawyers with a broad background in several different industries or spheres of business. This broad-based experience will benefit your company in several different ways. The lawyer will have the perspective to give an opinion to your small or medium-sized business and still have a global perspective that will safeguard your interests now and in the future. It will also assure that the selected firm will have ongoing updates not just in the law but the technology that guides many of our choices.

With Francis Lawyers as your general counsel, you can focus on running your business while we take care of your legal needs.