Home Inspections Guide in Ottawa, Ontario

A home inspection is a professional service that determines the present condition of your home in terms of its appearance, accessibility features and major systems. This examination focuses on the overall performance of the home more than cosmetic aspects of the space. An inspection of this nature can be performed at any time, but are usually conducted during a real estate transaction.

What a home inspection IS

A home inspection is:

  • An evaluation of the performance of readily accessible and installed systems throughout the home

  • A visual examination, for the most part

  • Done for the purpose of identifying deficient or unsafe components in the house

What a home inspection IS NOT

A home inspection is not: 

  • A type of insurance, guarantee or warranty on the home

  • Intrusive or destructive

  • Intended to reveal concealed defects in the home

  • A review of the design or code

  • A predictor of the future performance of the property

  • An environmental review or energy audit