How to Make Your Divorce Less Complicated

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Hopefully, no one enters marriage with the anticipation of divorce. However, according to the National Survey of Family Growth, many end up that way. Sadly, too many divorces are contentious, but with some effort, it can be less so.


Unfortunately, it becomes traumatic for everyone, including parents, grandparents, and friends, when children are involved. However, maintaining an unhealthy marriage is equally tricky. One of the best approaches is for both parents to plan and talk with all the children openly about everything. Keeping as much touch with each other can still create solid parental-child relationships. Plans to move out of the family home should be broached as soon as possible rather than the child happening on a realtor wandering through the house. Also, if at all possible, incorporate the child or children in selecting the new residence for both parents.


Incorporating the services of a mediator can be a good choice. A mediator is an independent third party who can listen to all the information and make proposals as a reasonable compromise. 

Expect there to be a roller coaster of emotions on both sides. In order to remain as calm as possible and avoid overlooking some important detail, make notes and take them with you to the sessions. Use this list to reinforce your position or to find the best solution for all concerned.


Another tactic is to try for a collaborative divorce. This involves Ottawa divorce lawyers and frequently therapists or divorce coaches. 

They can help divide the assets, work out finances, and cope with the emotional issues that surround the proceedings.

There is, of course, the option of foregoing all the negotiations and moving directly to the attorneys drafting settlement agreements and then filing all the documentation with the Court.  

All of this depends on the circumstances of the marriage and the attitudes of the parties involved.