How Long Will a Civil Lawsuit Take in Ottawa?

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Civil suits can deal with construction, real estate, and commercial contracts as well as damage to a reputation. You can be on either side of a lawsuit, and it can seem very frustrating when you consider the time involved.

It Is Tough to Estimate Just how Long It Will Take to Get Your Matter Resolved. However, Francis Mehr LLP Can Walk You Through the Steps.

A trial only comes at the end of a long process. If you are unfamiliar with the steps, this should help give you some information.
If you can’t reach an agreement, your lawyer will file a statement of claim, beginning your case in the court system. The opposing party will file a Statement of Defence.
After these documents are filed, the next step is discovery. This is when the parties learn about what happened.

This stage begins with exchanging affidavits of documents, followed by examinations of discovery.

After all of this, there is likely to be a mediation session. An independent third party conducts this in another attempt to settle the case out of court. If this is unsuccessful, a date is set for trial.

A pre-trial conference is arranged where the judge offers their suggestions and encourages the parties to come to an agreement. If there is still no agreement between the parties, there will be a trial.

Finding an Ottawa Civil Litigation Lawyer

If you are reading this, chances are that you are considering pursuing a civil lawsuit. If that is the case, Francis Lawyers can help you. Contact us and talk to our Ottawa civil litigation lawyer. We have the most experienced and prepared lawyers to help you.