Do I Need an Ottawa Business Lawyer to Start My Business?

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You’ve got a great idea for a new business, and you are trying to decide how to proceed.  One of the questions you are considering is whether or not you need an Ottawa business lawyer to help you with the details.

While the short answer is no, you might want to give it some additional thought since it can be challenging to undo some mistakes you might make. 

Why should you have an Ottawa business lawyer?


Of course, a lawyer is going to charge a fee for their work and expertise. 

However, paying a lawyer to draw up documents means you have an expert looking at and developing each item in the contract, that you are covered for liabilities, that each party knows their responsibilities, and the consequences of failure to comply. 

This is a sort of insurance instead of seeking counsel after something has gone wrong. 


As you continue in business, you will occasionally need the services of other professionals, including accountants, financiers, insurance brokers, and computer programmers. 

Lawyers associate with other professionals. They can recommend those individuals or companies that will be a good fit with your business model and industry.


There are a lot of different types of business. Each day lawyers work with various forms of business operations and are adept at transferring their knowledge to accommodate the specifics of your industry. 

Selling Your Business

If and when it comes time for you to move on and sell your business, having a solid legal structure in place will make the transition easier.


You can try to pull together the paperwork to get your business up and running without seeing a lawyer. However, would you rather spend your time doing the enjoyable part of your business or spend hours reading and compiling documents? That should be an easy answer. A lawyer can do the work in far less time and with far more accuracy than you can guarantee.  

Take your great idea into our Ottawa business lawyer’s office, and let us take over with all of this in mind. Contact us today to discuss your new business!