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Professional Legal Services in Ottawa

We support you through the big (and little) things of life.
Francis Lawyers’ comprehensive service offering will support you and your family through virtually all your legal affairs.

We act on your behalf in all real estate transactions including buying and selling a home or commercial property, refinancing, or leasing business premises.


We give you sound advice and legal support for complex matters such as cohabitation, marriage contracts, child support, separation and divorce and adoption.


We guide you through the process of making and updating your will and powers of attorney. We make sure all legal steps are taken to give effect to your final wishes. In case your family member does not have a will, we help you navigate through the legal system.


We help you incorporate your business, set up and maintain your records efficiently and facilitate all your business transactions.


Disputes can inevitably arise in any relationship. Litigating these disputes can be extremely stressful and costly. Whether you are suing someone or are being sued, at Francis Lawyers, our goal is to achieve effective and timely resolution of disputes while minimizing your costs.

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